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WhatsUp Gold - Network Monitoring Software

WhatsUp Gold is the world's leading Network Management and Monitoring solution that discovers, maps, monitors, alerts, and reports on changes in state of all mission-critical network gear and Windows-based servers and applications.

WhatsUp Gold v14 introduces new features, new plugins and functional enhancements across all versions of the product family. Highlights include Flow Monitor plugin, the VoIP Plug-In, and the WhatsConnected plugin.

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Comprehensive Network Monitoring

WhatsUp Gold Premium provides a powerful, cost-effective network management and application monitoring solution for single-site networks of all sizes that installs, discovers and maps network connected assets in minutes.

By proactively monitoring all critical network devices and services, WhatsUp Gold reduces costly and frustrating downtime that can impact business.

Isolate Your Network Problems with WhatsUp Gold

As a market leader in network monitoring software, WhatsUp Gold isolates network problems and provides awareness and understanding of network performance and availability:

  • Discovers IP-based network devices and maps them
  • Allows for manual input of non-standard IP devices and virtualized devices
  • Includes full SNMP and WMI monitoring out of the box without the need for agents
  • Notifies you when problems happen on the network
  • Includes drag-and-drop MIB support for all SNMP and WMI devices and applications
  • Gathers real-time and trending network information for easy report generation
  • Provides anytime, anywhere network monitoring

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Defense Information Systems Agency

..under the direction of The United States Army Central Command (CENTCOM), chose WhatsUp Gold..

Nuclear Registry Commission

The NRC chose WhatsUp Gold to ensure fast, accurate notification and internal network communication among sites.